How far will I be able to see with the Mark I, II, or III viewer model?

Our viewers will magnify your existing views by 10X (with the Mark II/III) or 20X (with the Mark I), but the distance you will be able to see is dependent on your specific line of sight with the naked eye, and is different for each potential viewer placement and person.

Do you have your products in stock? What is the lead time?

Here at SeeCoast, we make each viewer to-order to your specifications. We do not have any of our viewers in-stock. Our viewers are very much a handmade product, with rigorous checks for quality control throughout the manufacturing process. We do not make these viewers using a high-production factory and assembly line. Instead, we have highly skilled workers that each specialize in a specific area of the production process. In this way, we are able to be sure that we offer our customers the highest quality along with more options such as custom colors, custom heights, and custom mountings.

Our production lead time varies from month to month, so please ask our sales rep what the current lead time is when you are ready to place your order.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship our viewers to customers all over the world.

What kind of coins can be used with the coin-operated viewers and how many?

Our coin chutes can be sized for American quarters and most types of international currency coins. The coin chutes can hold up to 4 American quarters or international coins of the same type in most cases. In some cases, if the coin to be used is very thick, the coin chute may only be able to accommodate 2-3 of a very thick coin. Please ask if we have a sample on-hand of the currency coin that you would like to use so that we can check to see if the coin chute will accommodate the amount you would like to charge.

How do you install the Binocular/Telescope?

All viewer models are traditionally installed by bolting them down to either wood/composite decking or concrete. We have helped customers with other installations such as railing-mounted and wall-mounted viewers. Please ask us if you have an idea for a different installation. We have helped design many custom installations over the years for our customers.

We also offer weighted bases for customers who are not able to have a permanent mounting for their viewer. These bases are typically around 160 lbs by themselves, not including the added weight of the viewer head that will attach to it.

Can I use my own shipping method or my own freight forwarder?

Yes, you may schedule pick up once your order is completed from any shipper that you wish. However, if you are using your own shipping method, you must arrange and pay for the shipping with them separately per our policy.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and domestic checks. We also accept wire transfers (with a $50.00 fee per each wire transfer), and PayPal (with a 4% transaction fee).

What are your payment terms?

We require a 50% deposit to be paid to place the order with us. The remaining balance will be due prior to shipping. You may also prepay for your order instead, ensuring no delay in shipping when the order is complete. We offer Net 30 terms for U.S. Government affiliates.

What if I have lost one or both of the keys that came with my viewer? Do you offer other replacement parts as well?

We can re-order the keys for you with a minimum order of 2 keys. Replacement keys cost about $5.50 each not including shipping. We also have the ability to order any of the other parts your viewer may need, with some that we keep in stock. Please refer to our parts department for a quote with shipping for keys or any other parts that you may need to order.

What are the color options for my viewer order?

Our three standard colors that are included in the price of the viewers are: Instrument Tan, Hammer Grey, and Nitro Blue.

We can also do custom colors for your viewer for an additional fee and can even match a color exactly for you if you provide us with the RAL or PMS color identifying number. Pricing will vary by color and the minimum order amount of that color from our powder coating provider.

Can your viewers be used for Astrology or star-gazing?

Our viewers are best suited for viewing in daytime, dawn, and dusk hours. The optics we use in our viewers must have some light to be able to produce a clear view. So, they are not well suited for viewing the night sky.

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