Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing

SeeCoast Manufacturing is the largest operator of its own equipment. SeeCoast deals directly with Theme parks, State and National Parks, Zoos and with certain other types of tourist locations. For qualified locations in the United States SeeCoast will enter into a concession agreement which includes revenue sharing for both parties. SeeCoast provides the viewers and the operator provides the location. This program is for US locations only.

We are always looking for good locations for our viewers. If your location qualifies, SeeCoast will enter into a grant of concession agreement and provide an appropriate number of viewers ready for installation by your personnel. Installation is very simple. Instructions and information on keeping the units looking their best will be sent to you. We will provide parts for minor maintenance and we will do any major maintenance in our shop.

The location is responsible for collections, any licenses, permits or taxes, and minor maintenance. We have a revenue tracking system that we will go over with you as well, prior to sending the contract. Collection reports and remittance are due monthly. Each viewer comes equipped with a meter.

If you would like to see if your location qualifies, please complete the following form and return to SeeCoast.

Collection Agent

As a Collection Agent, you would be responsible for providing us with information on location leads where you believe our viewers would be profitable. We would work together to secure an agreement between SeeCoast and the location. You would be responsible for installation, collection and maintenance. Most agents collect on a monthly basis and remit to us.

You will need to provide a Certificate of Insurance with General Liability Limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 general aggregate, naming SeeCoast as an additional insured. Coverage shall be primary and non-contributory and shall have 30-day notice of cancellation.

If we are able to secure agreements with any of the locations that you provide leads on, there will be a predetermined revenue split between SeeCoast and yourself. SeeCoast would then pay the location it’s percentage from their portion of the revenue.

Please complete the following form and return to SeeCoast.

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