Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing

In some cases, Seecoast can offer locations within the United States a concession option for revenue sharing. Qualified locations are determined on a case by case basis. If you would like to see if your location qualifies, please contact SeeCoast and include the following information:

  • Annual Visitation
  • Days of Operation
  • Type of Facility
  • Address
  • Indicate if this is for company revenue, city, state revenue, etc…

If we deem your location is suitable for a concession, we will draw up a simple contract and send the units needed to your location after the contract is signed. We have a revenue tracking system that we will go over with you as well prior to sending the contract. This is all at no cost to you! SeeCoast will remain the owner of the unit(s) and repairs will be at our expense.

Installation is very simple. Instructions and information on keeping the units looking their best will be sent to you. If your location is local to us we will install the unit or units if needed. To help keep costs down, if you are not local, we ask that you or someone in your organization complete the installation.

We have concession locations from coast to coast!
Please call today to see if your location qualifies for the
Revenue Sharing Plan

Also see our International Notes for important information for International Customers.

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