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Coin and Non-coin Operated Viewers

In 1960, SeeCoast produced their first coin operated viewer. Today, you will find SeeCoast observation viewers in towers, observation decks, scenic overlooks, ships, parks, nature preserves, refuges, and other attractions around the world. So what exactly is a coin operated viewer? No doubt you have seen them. You may simply know them by some other name.

Through the years we have heard our coin and non coin operated viewers referred to by such names as spyglass viewers, coin-operated viewing telescopes, scenic viewers, scenic telescopes, tower binoculars, binoculars, scenic magnifiers, tower viewers, coin operated viewers, coin operated binoculars, viewing scopes, coin operated viewing machines, non-coin operated viewing machines, non-coin operated viewers, coin operated viewfinders, tower scopes, viewing stands, observation binoculars, non-coin operated viewers, tower scopes, observation binoculars, observation telescopes, coin operated telescopes, coin operated binoculars, interpretive devises, optical rangers, best views, optical sights, telescopes, binoculars, outdoor telescopes, outdoor binoculars, all weather telescopes, all weather binoculars and observation telescopes.

We’ve even heard them referred to as observation viewers, revenue telescopes, non-coin telescopes, spy glasses, revenue binoculars, stationary telescopes, stationary binoculars, and even my little gold mine. Because all of our products can be configured to be ADA compliant, they have been referred to as wheelchair viewers and wheelchair viewfinders as well.

All SeeCoast equipment is constructed to the highest standards of durability and SeeCoast has the absolute best guarantee in the industry. Every SeeCoast viewer is covered by our exceptional 3 year limited warranty against defective workmanship or materials. You will not find a better viewer anywhere.

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