Mark II Binoculars

Mark II Binoculars

Our stand-alone Mark II Binocular is designed for durability, simplicity of assembly, and virtually no maintenance. This model is sold only as non coin operated, and features an automatic focus to view any object further than 35 feet away. The Mark II features a 10X powered optic to allow objects and views to appear ten times closer.

The Mark II Binocular is a proven, valuable attraction popular for private or public use, and has gained an outstanding reputation for excellence. The U.S. Department of the Interior has endorsed its use by the National Park Service, and it is now being used by the Audubon Society in nature areas. Great for private balconies and piers!

Mark II

Viewer Specs

Height: 58″ (147.320 cm)
Weight: 55 Lbs. (24.947 kg)
Castings: 356 Alum. Alloy
Column: 2 ½” Diameter
Standard Base: 9 inch diameter (25.400 cm diameter)
Binocular Width: 12 Inches (30.480 cm)
Binocular Length: 18 Inches (45.720 cm)
Housing Movement: 360º Rotation, 50º Up and 45º Down
Power: 10X40
Field of View: 366′ at 1,000 Yards (111.862 meters at 914.400 meters)

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