Mark III Binoculars

Mark III Binoculars

The Mark III Binocular has a magnification of 10X allowing objects and views to appear ten times closer and larger and gives a nice broad panoramic view.

This model is offered as coin or non coin operated. It is our superior binocular model for low-light viewing at dawn, dusk, or in overcast conditions due to its larger exit lens which allows more light into the optic inside for a clear view even in darker conditions.

The Mark III is well suited for outdoor observation platforms, river walks, and public spaces.

Mark III

Viewer Specs

Height: 60 inches (1.524 meters)
Weight: 95 Lbs. (43.091 kg)
Castings: 356 Alum. Alloy
Column: 4 ½” Diameter Alum. Stanchion (11.430 cm diameter)
Standard Base: 30 inch diameter  (76.200 cm diameter)
Binocular Width: 12 Inches (30.480 cm)
Binocular Length: 22 Inches (55.880 cm)
Housing Movement: 360º Rotation, 40º Up and 40º Down
Power: 10X
Field of View: 366′ at 1,000 Yards (111.557 meters at 914.400 meters)
Coin Chute: 25¢ Standard U.S. Coins (foreign coinage available)
Timing Mechanism: 90 – 120 seconds


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