Mark I Telescope

Mark I Telescope

The Mark I Telescope has a magnification of 20X, which allows objects and views to appear 20 times closer and larger. The Mark I Telescope is best for long distance concentrated viewing of certain points of interest and wildlife.

The Mark I Telescope is offered as coin or non coin operated.

The Mark I is our only viewer model that features a manual focus knob on the outside that will allow the user to customize the focus for what they are viewing. Because of this, it is our most popular model for wildlife and especially bird watching.

This unit is shown with a full step base. By utilizing the available half step base, the instrument can be installed closer to the parapet if needed. Other base options including ADA bases are available as well.

Mark I

Viewer Specs

Height: 60 inches (1.524 meters)
Weight: 85 pounds (42.301 kg)
Castings: 356 Alum. Alloy
Column: 4 ½” Diameter Alum. Stanchion (11.430 cm diameter)
Standard Base: 30 inch diameter (76.200 cm diameter)
Telescope Width: 7 Inches (22.860 cm)
Telescope Length: 25 inches (88.900 cm)
Housing Movement: 360º Rotation, 30º Up and 40º Down
Power: 20X
Field of View: 121′ at 1,000 Yards (36.881 meters at 914.400 meters)
Coin Chute: 25¢ Standard U.S. Coins (foreign coinage available)
Timing Mechanism: 90 – 120 seconds


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